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RED January 2021

So, after completing our 7-in-7 challenge before Christmas, I started to wonder what it would feel like to run every day for a month. I've seen lots of people complete RED January (Run Every Day) and, even though I run quite a lot, I treasure my rest days and didn't think I could possibly do anything like that.

So I signed up for the Phoenix Running RED January. As you do. You could set your own target, or just run whatever you felt each day - I thought 2 miles per day was realistic as that would allow me to add longer runs in too. Then I made the fatal error of running a minimum of 5k for the first few days ... and my stubborn streak wanted to keep that going!

The weather threw some interesting runs my way—it's years since we've had deep, pretty snow—but also made for some beautiful scenes to keep me going. I was also fortunate to have Mike along for support on some runs, and was able to meet up with Ruth for our exercise. It makes such a difference to run with someone!

I had tired days and days where I really didn't want to brave the cold/snow/wind, but by the end of the month I managed to clock up 151 miles. It made for a good start to our 2021 challenges. But needless to say, I was VERY relieved to turn the calendar over to February!!

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