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We're both in the 'ultra-half' training window

Well marathon training has now become very real to me. I've entered the training period when all long runs are in excess of a half marathon, between now and marathon day I'll be running ultra-halfs ;) This is the real committing period.

This weekend was 14 miles at marathon pace which I enjoyed quite a bit. I took the opportunity to join a few other runners for a chat, it's great meeting others embarking on their first running challenge. It's easy to recognise the anxiety in them about the challenge they are facing, I remember it well. I hope they enjoy their achievement to come because no matter who you are it's always hard won.

Still not sure how to convert London marathon training into Everest marathon training. We are not blessed with much topography in the region we live and to be honest I want to try and perform well in London after my 2014 disaster. How do you train for the world's highest marathon?

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