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Perhaps there are moments when you should heed good advice?

Last March (2016) Christine was invited down to London to attend an MNDA reception for fundraisers, and I was lucky to be included as her plus one. We got to meet some old Run MND friends and friends from the MNDA who had all scrubbed up well. We also got to meet and chat to HRH The Princess Royal who is the Patron of the MNDA. She was engaging and interested in what we had been doing to raise funds. She made no secret that she thought running for sponsorship was a very hard way to raise funds and suggested that we consider organising events instead. Indeed there were many people present who had raised phenomenal amounts of money via inspirational ideas for events. It was food for thought.

Clearly, we didn't consider her advice for long enough as before we'd even finished our 2016 challenges, we'd signed up for the Everest Marathon - it's one of the hardest in the world, so we're bound to raise a lot !! To be honest, it was the best idea we could come up with :)

As the first snow of the winter is about to fall I'm once again wondering if HRH was right?

The one thing that is certain, is that we must continue to raise funds to fight MND and Alzheimer's. Today, we heard the news that another brave MND sufferer had passed away after a long fight. RIP Derek Iddon

A small gallery of images from the reception

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