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145 days to go...

It's a bit weird, seeing yourself run - you're used to seeing stills of the aftermath: the red face, dishevelled hair and smiles with the medal, but not actually moving, not running!! Still, watching the video made me appreciate again how lucky we are to live somewhere with lovely running routes.

Northamptonshire. Nice and flat, just how I like it! Fields, rivers, lakes, a lovely straight disused railway track...and a world away from the towering mountains of Nepal. Oh my word, and that's less than 5 months away. On a bit of a downer after my first 100k ultra in September last year, the Everest Marathon seemed like a fantastically exciting the minute it's just plain scary!

Having had a proper rest as instructed, after a heavy year's training and running in 2016, and then a very relaxed Christmas with lots of yummy food and one or two tipples, the first event of 2017 has really crept up on me. In 2 weeks I have a 6-hour challenge in Kent, then 2 more marathons and a couple of halves before we depart for the Himalayan peaks. Erm, and possibly a couple of others...

So, off we set yesterday, me with the intention of doing a half marathon distance and Mike with the intention of running shorter but filming some of the route. Gorgeous day for it - cold but sunny with little wind, a complete contrast to our New Year's Day run! Mike succeeded; my chest & legs had other plans - legs had nothing, chest had wheezes, so I cut short and shuffled to a slow 10 miles. That 6-hour challenge is going to be interesting, and Everest even more daunting!

The film reminded me how green and pretty our area is. And flat. We really need to get in some hill training....

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