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Christmas 7 in 7 challenge completed

Well, that's our 7 in 7 challenge complete. We both completed 50 miles during the week, which is far more than we'd normally run.

We were very fortunate to have quite benign weather conditions, dodging the 23rd December deluge by getting up early to run as soon as it got light. We were also able to enjoy some socially distanced runs with friends before coronavirus restrictions tightened. Better still, we were able to run several times together, motivating each other to chalk off the distance.

The last couple of days have been tricky as many of our local running routes have been flooded. On Christmas morning, in particular, a number of our intended routes were severely flooded forcing us to variously detour through town. Sadly, I fear that one or two homes may have been inundated.

So, I think that's the end of our challenges for 2020. It's time for a few days rest. In a crazy year, we've managed to complete a pretty decent annual mileage and plenty of virtual challenges.

Thank you for supporting our fundraising efforts. Here's hoping that 2021 is a better year for everyone.

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