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My mid-life crisis challenge is almost upon us

With the wondrous sights of the London marathon still fresh in the memory, we turn our attention to our own marathon - the Newport Wales Marathon 29th April. It's certainly not going to have the media attention of London but it's same distance, 26.2 miles or 42 kms. My training for this run started Christmas morning 2017, since when I've run 545 miles and cycled 350 more. Marathon training is an all consuming pursuit.

Not content with the Newport Wales Marathon we'll be taking on a two consecutive mountain half marathons just 5 days later. That'll will be 52 miles of hard effort in the week of my 50th birthday. Why, why did I sign up of this.

At Newport I shall be wearing my Alzheimer's Research UK running vest in honour of my dad and so many people who are cruelly afflicted by dementia. ARUK are our joint charity, together with the Motor Neurone Disease Association, for whom we've been fundraising for over a decade.

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