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May the fourth Star Wars half marathon, done

OK, the above image was from the great north run 2016, which was hard enough in fancy dress. The May the Fourth Star Wars half marathon takes place over the Shropshire hills of the Long Mynd, so it was sensible dress only.

We ran this event last year and it was good fun. The route starts with a challenging 2 miles up hill. I certainly felt the remnants of the London marathon in my calf muscles, while Christine's legs were still sore from the Milton Keynes marathon 2 days previously. Needless to say we walked up the steep bits.

After the first big ascent it was all pretty much good fun, running across the hills and belting down the descents. It was a rare for Christine and I ran together. Despite all the previous hard miles in our muscles we managed to finish quicker than the previous year, by almost 30 minutes in Christine's case. For the record we finished in 3 hours. It was also Christine's 50th half marathon.

There's just one more week of training before we depart for Nepal and the Everest marathon, the highest and hardest in the world.

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