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A mile for every Mother's Day without you mam. Till there's a cure , there is no finish line

Today's run was supposed to be 6 miles - the extra from yesterday from my 15-miler that wasn't to be, stopped short at 9 miles (won't go into details but it involved stomach cramps and wasn't pretty...!). There's a pleasant route that climbs a tiny bit through fields, just short of 8 miles, that I had decided on. It was a beautiful day, a bit chilly in the shade with a slight breeze but gorgeous sunshine showing our surrounding countryside at its best. Mike kept me company for the first 4 miles then went his own way for his 14-mile route as I turned towards home. My pace is nowhere near fast these days (actually, it never was!) but as I kept running I found myself at a faster pace than recently and really enjoying the bird song, the beautiful lakes, the smell of the trees and grass....and thinking a lot about my mam.

Mother's Day is always bitter sweet - lovely to see so many people enjoying family time together with their loved ones but poignant because you can't give your mam a hug and tell her how much you love her. As I ran along I thought about camping trips as youngsters, I thought about the Mother's Day we took over the kitchen and wouldn't let mam do anything (dad regretted that one after all the washing up...), barbecues on the beach, kids 'cleaning' a run-down deserted 'castle' in the woods and inviting all the parents round (I'm sure they were thrilled...) and generally just lots of lovely memories.

The miles were slipping by too quickly - something I don't very often think when I'm running - and I got it into my head that if I couldn't give mam a hug I could give her this run; have all that time to just think about mam and nothing else. So, that's how the 11 miles came about - one mile for every Mother's Day without mam. Lots of miles to concentrate on lots of happy memories. Mam's the reason I started running, and until there's a cure for this evil disease, she and all the others who have suffered MND or are living with it will be the reason I keep on running. Happy Mother's Day mam, love you xxxx

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