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Cambridge Half Marathon plus a bit more: This one's for you dad.

16.5 miles today including the Cambridge Half Marathon, number 42 for me and 48 for Christine.

Running organised events during marathon training often means having to add extra mileage to the event. In this case, we had to run an extra 3 miles to the start of the half marathon, which was nice until we were waiting for the start when the rain and wind arrived.

It's really heartening to get a positive test of the training you've been doing and we surprised ourselves by putting in a decent performance despite the extra early mileage.

Post run we went along to the Alzhemier's Research UK reception and introduced ourselves. There were 40 odd people running for ARUK, which was good to see. It's desperately sad that my dad will have little or no understanding of what we did today. Alzheimer's has robbed him of most awareness of life. It's bloody awful. This one was for you Dad.

We also heard the sad news today that Darren Scott, brother of one of our RunMND members, passed away suddenly after battling MND. We really need to find cures for both these diseases, hopefully with your help we can.

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