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Doris Day

Wow, Wednesday and Thursday have provided some pretty awful weather particularly for running. Wednesday is my midweek 'long' run, which this week was 7.5 miles across mixed terrain. Unfortunately, it was pouring with rain the whole time, with a bizarre elongate band of rain running directly over Cambridge for hours representing the vanguard of Storm Doris.

Today was Doris Day, the day the storm crossed Britain and boy it didn't disappoint. I thought long and hard about postponing the run until Friday, but thankfully persuaded myself that marathons can't be run in comfort. The winter has been so good this year for running with very little wet and windy weather, so it was important to face up to the challenge.

My run took place during the peak of the winds

It was certainly was hard going into the wind, almost like being on a treadmill at times. The pavements and trails were littered with fallen branches. Unfortunately, I left at the peak of the winds with sustained speeds of 32 mph and peak gusts of 68 mph. That said, I'm glad I went out and ran because like many things in life the thought is usually worse than the reality. I owe to everyone like my dad who's suffering with advanced Alzheimer's disease to embrace my good health and fitness. I also owe it to those living with MND who would love to have the ability to get out and run through Doris' winds.

Marathon training is about excepting a bit of discomfort, sometimes quite a bit, but it's made easier knowing that it's raising vital funds to combat two terrible diseases. If you can spare some sponsorship our charities will be hugely grateful. Just follow the various links to our virgin money giving websi

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