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Heart Rate Zone training is tough when your HR monitor is flaky

OK, I've been trying to train smart, i.e. using heart rate zones to judge training intensity. The problem is that my Garmin HR monitor is really inconsistent and all too frequently reads way too high. I've checked it against my pulse at these moments and it's 20-30 bpm too fast. At other times it's very accurate. A search of the internet reveals that this is a common problem with the Garmin HR straps. However, It appears that the 'Polar' brand make very good HR monitor straps that also work with the Garmin HR transmitter unit. Several people have reported a much better result using the 'Polar' strap, which at £11 for a replacement strap is worth a punt for more useful data.

I'll certainly report back on its performance.

The thing I remember from previous training cycles for a marathon is just how all consuming it is for 4 months. Whether you're visiting family or having guests over, you have to make time for the run. It's OK when the mileage is low, 10 miles or less, but it soon becomes difficult as the long runs get longer. With the 6 Nations rugby just starting as well it gets doubly challenging with high mileage runs kicking in on the weekends I'm traveling down to Wales. It's either have a long run before the game and travel to Cardiff, or no beer, an early night and running the next day. Marathon training is a challenge, it's not something I find easy I must admit.

Since the last blog I wrote, another person known to one our our RunMND friends succumbed to MND. So Graham, my next training run is for you.

Oooooh some gratuitous drone video

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